Lifestyle Editorial / Farm Like a Girl

MJ Lifestyle took a romp through the Sierra Foothills to document a day's work, life & love on the farm with Gypsy Trap.  Let's just say, we never wanted to leave!  The lifestyle they have single handedly created was so inspiring, and while we know it was all through lots of hard work & perseverance, they make is look so easy & invigorating!  

Gypsy Trap Farms prides themselves on farming organically and producing clean products for their boutique clients to enjoy.   I was in complete awe of not only their dedication and diligence, but also their knowledge on growing Cannabis & its benefits. 

Photo Essay by Jennifer Skog.

Wardrobe was a mix of Free People & Vintage Pieces
Bad Back Glass Pipe & Mini Dab Tube
RAW Rolling Papers, Rolling Tray & Double Barrel
Subpac Bass Pack to embrace yourself in music when leafing or trimming
Harvest More Trim Tray
Greenhouse by GrowTech, Lights from Nanolux,  Swamp Boys Seeds Genetics & DNAgenetics
Hidden Peak Teahouse Tea Pot, Tea Table and Panchan lal puerh tea

INDUSTRYJennifer Skog