CBD Salve for my Carpal Tunnel?


I wonder what would happen?

As a photographer & graphic designer—and like most working professionals—I rely on the usability of my hands daily. I wish I knew about CBD Salves when I developed carpal tunnel during both of my pregnancies. I literally could not do simple tasks with my thumb, any little bit of pressure sent stabbing pain up my thumb and wrist. I couldn’t even push the button on a remote control let alone navigate a mouse. I had to strap on my super sexy wrist wraps and force myself to give work a rest.

Now that I’ve reached my glorious forties, the carpal tunnel has finally caught up with me in real life. A couple of weeks ago while putting on makeup, I swiped the brush ever so slightly in the perfect position to activate that CT and send shooting pain up my arm. I pulled out the sexy wrist straps and began to pray. My husband was concerned and after a day of nursing this new disability, we were considering calling an orthopedic surgeon, because I NEED my thumb! It’s crazy how much we rely on our parts functioning properly.

As I sat helpless at my computer not typing,, I looked around my mess of a desk and it was like I got the idea at the exact same time I laid my eyes on my Organic Sunflower CBD Salve by Made From Dirt. What if I tried this CBD salve on my carpal tunnel? I wonder what would happen?

I rubbed the salve all over my hands and begin massaging into my thumbs. It hurt, but a good kid of hurt. It didn’t instantly take the pain away, but it numbed the pain a bit. After a couple of applications and a few hours, the inflammation had gone down significantly. I still had some pain, but not as sharp.

Two days later. I woke up and started my day per usual and realized something was different, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it… The pain was gone and I had full functionality of my thumb! I couldn’t believe it. Unbelievable. Two days and my symptoms are gone.

This has by no means ‘cured’ my carpal tunnel or joint pains, but I have officially added massaging those overworked joints with CBD Salve along with hand stretches into my daily routine. I’m so so grateful for this relief.

xo, Jen

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