White Rabbit High Tea


If you didn't know, now you do: the cannabis industry has been undergoing a tremendous re-branding shift. Strategic marketing by entrepreneurs has re-framed our favorite herbal remedy as a luxury commodity; making weed fashionable, if you will. White Rabbit High Tea — an upscale event planning company — is one such business to have honed in on the discriminating and lucrative market of the luxury cannabis consumer.

Jessica Cole, the founder of White Rabbit High Tea, acknowledges that part of the mission has been, "Elevating [the reputation of cannabis] from the gutter, to the silver platter." Her Los Angeles-based company has done so with remarkable success. Each of their invite-only high tea parties is held at chic destinations like WeHo's Petit Ermitage hotel. Not to mention, they're currently booked solid with a four-month waitlist.

If you're getting Alice in Wonderland vibes, it's no accident. Each high tea party resembles the type of experience you'd expect to have down the rabbit hole.

Events take place with anywhere from 24-34 guests, invited to take part in a sophisticated high tea — with a stoney twist. After enjoying their choice of non-medicated (i.e. non-cannabis-infused) teas and small bites, guests explore and enjoy a wide variety of the latest cannabis-goodies the booming industry has to offer.

From flower, edibles, drinkables, and beyond, the industry's crème-de-la-crème of new products is enjoyed. Guest lists include different brand representatives who supply the parties, ensuring that even seasoned stoners have a variety of new ways to score their “up scale” high.

Part of the magic comes from the ambiance. It isn't simply a garden party; it's an elevated cannabis experience. Close attention to aesthetics keeps decor classy and on-theme, and all guests are expected to abide by a "date night" dress code. A costume box and theatrical characters supplement the party's immersive flair, ranging from Tarot card readers and poets, to high-end cabaret dancers.

Not to mention, there is an added element of community-building at work. With the camaraderie of like-minded company, the gourmet goodies — all inviting you to, "Eat me!" or "Drink me!" — are just one part of White Rabbit High Tea’s appeal.  

If you're lucky enough to score an invite, you'll be gaining entry to an unforgettable "high tea" experience. Until then, you can look forward to the launch of their product line, MIMSY. Selections will offer high quality items, such as tea sets and tea trays, as well as a hostess guide book to holding your own weed-themed events.

MJ got our own private White Rabbit experience where Jessica shared with us her most recent Big News!