Self Care Tips: The Skin You're In


In a world where the perfect fresh faced selfie with a poppin' natural highlight is a must, having a full understanding of how to take the best care of our skin is crucial. With countless brands all promising beautiful, radiant, skin, it can get difficult figuring out which is the best choice for you.

In most cases, there are mainly 4 skin types:


There are countless quizzes online to give you an idea of what type you have however to save some time, the broad answers are these;

OILY SKIN - Exactly as it sounds, shiny, and quite literally oily

DRY SKIN - Tight, flaky, and you guessed it, dry

COMBINATION SKIN - A bit of both, oily and dry at times

SENSITIVE SKIN - Easily prone to bumps or rashes from fragrances/dyes or doesn't mix well with hot or cold climates

Depending on which category you identify with, there are numerous avenues to getting glowing, supple, healthy skin! Check out our DIY Face Masks post for ways to naturally balance your skin.

xo, Kushyy