Cleansing Your Crystals

If you’re a proud owner of beautiful healing crystals it is imperative to clear and cleanse your stones when you initially bring them home and/or after excessive use. Like anything else, maintenance is crucial. Crystals naturally absorb various energies depending on what type of environment they are in, who may have handled them, or how they have been practiced with; and that’s okay! Crystals are tough and simple to clear away any unwanted energies allowing them to flourish and assist their owners with their natural positive energies.



There are a few ways to cleanse your crystals however the following are the most popular and arguably the most efficient ways to clear your stones.



The most common cleansing method is by smudging with White Sage or Palo Santo wood. Prior to smudging your crystals, you must cleanse yourself. This is rather simple; step outside or open the windows in your home/space and ignite your smudge with a lighter or match. Next, inhale and exhale deeply releasing any tension or negativity you may be holding on to followed by sweeping the smoke of the smudge around your body down from your feet to the top of your head while replacing the negative with positive affirmations or intentions. A favorite chant of mine that I often use is “I release what no longer serves me, goodbye fear, anxiety, and pain. I welcome bliss, courage and excitement to this body and everything around me…” Once your aura has been cleansed you may now clear your crystals. Using a similar chant, hold your crystals above the smoke and release the negative, invite the good and thank your crystal for the incredible work that is does whether you use it for daily practice or for decor. Repeat until your crystals have received a full smudge bath.


“I release what no longer serves me, goodbye fear, anxiety, and pain. I welcome bliss, courage and excitement to this body and everything around me…”


Another common way to cleanse your crystals is with salt water. Using sea salt and water in a glass or wooden bowl (anything but metal) and submerging your stones in the water for an hour or overnight is another great way to clear any unwanted energies. USE CAUTION! Read about your stone prior to using this method to ensure that it will not tarnish when in contact with salt water. Some crystals do not like this method! Gently dry your stones and thank them for their service before storing in their respective homes.


This method is great to bond with your stone with little to no clean up or need to purchase additional items. Hold your crystal or stone in your hand and visualize an aura around it. Continue to visualize the aura turning to a bright white light and the unwanted energy of the crystal to exit through a beam leading away from the stone. Remember to breathe deeply and internally thank the stone for its service and welcome positive energy into it. Once you feel the stone has been restored the cleansing is complete and the stones can be returned to their respective homes.


Depending on your usage, cleansing can be conducted weekly, bi-weekly, moon-thly*, or whenever your intuition leads you to do so (Don’t fight the feeling!) If you’re like me, and bring small stones with you everywhere you go, it may be wise to cleanse them when you return home to clear them of any energies that were picked up while you were out.

*Moon-thly is quite literally by the moon. Typically by the full or new moon which is a great time to do energy work and clear/cleanse and charge your crystals!

There is no wrong time or amount of times you can cleanse your stone, listen to your heart and intuition and let it guide you to what is right. Store your stones somewhere safe and soft for them to rest on like velvet, felt, or other soft materials. Treat them as you would if they were family or your best friends. They work exceptionally hard to take on energies that otherwise would be absorbed by you! They love to be touched + admired, practiced with during yoga , tarot readings, and meditation along with joining you on daily adventures. Take care of them and they will take care of you!

xo, Kushyy