A New Kind of BUZZ: The cannabis mocktail

Erin Wells, Mother Indica

Erin Wells, Mother Indica

Written by Erin Willis of Mother Indica

in collaboration with Potli’s Felicity Chen

Food styling by Monica Lo, Sous Weed

The days of blacking out are fizzing away as cannabis legalization takes hold. Women all over legal states are creating a new social norm by swapping their alcoholic beverages for cannabis mocktails—and having a better time with their girlfriends because of it. This new kind of buzz is elevating, hydrating, and a healthier option compared to the classic cocktails. We have entered a time when the feeling of something is more important than appearance.

My mocktail mingling came full-fledged when I was seven months pregnant in the dead of California summertime. Although I didn’t know the delicacies of CBD in those days, I did get to experiment with different flavor and texture combos. I played with all kinds of fruits, veggies, herb combinations, that I felt fulfilled in just the making of the drink. This made me realize how little I really needed alcohol in my life. These mocktails left me without stomach aches, headaches, or achy joints the next day.

Plus, I got to be the one who remembered everything from the night before. Making and drinking those concoctions that summer gave me such an experience that by the next year, I was swapping vodka for cannabis oil in creating what is now called cannabis mocktails. Our social drinking experiences with cannabis in place of alcohol have been so wonderful and refreshing that Potli and I decided to collaborate on creating our favorite cannabis mocktails and share them with the community.

What is a cannabis mocktail?

Any beverage that contains cannabis in the place of alcohol. cannabis + fruit + [honey] + herbs + sparkling water = delicious & healthy cannabis mocktail

Common health benefits of cannabis mocktails:

Anti-anxiety, social lubricant (when too much isn’t consumed), hydrating + neuroprotective—can’t kill you (or anyone else) if you drink too much


Potli-infused Blackberry Syrup


2 cups organic blackberries

½ cup Potli "Going Up" Honey

1 cup water


Wash your blackberries and set aside. Pour water into saucepan. Add honey and stir. Add blackberries and gently stir. Simmer on medium heat for 30 minutes, stirring and mashing blackberries occasionally. Remove from heat, cover, and allow syrup to cool to room temperature, about 30 minutes. Using a mesh strainer and funnel, pour blackberry syrup into a sealable glass container. Store in fridge for up to three months.

Use in mocktails, iced coffee or tea, or in your favorite smoothie! I like to use the cooked, fibrous blackberry pulp to make blackberry muffins.

Makes 8 oz, 64 mg THC total

Note: The potency of your cannabis honey may vary since cooked, it is important to start cautiously and if new to cannabis, only increase by ½ teaspoon after two hours. You can always cut the honey with regular honey to make a less potent batch.