Our Summer/Fall 2019 Tarotscope is Here



By Regina Coney, Intuitive Divination Practitioner, This Magic Life

The first half of 2019 was taxing with Mercury retrograde in Pisces from March into the first part of April. In the warmth of the summer sun, we look to Mother Earth, the creatrix of life to take us on a new adventure. With sharp Saturn and Jupiter retrograde transits in Capricorn, ruling the 10th house of social status, structure, and foundations, we find old structures surrounding government, finances, career, and location begin to shift in a major way for the remainder of the year.

One of the most significant transits this season is when big-bodied Uranus (the Goddess of Change and Creative Chaos) (moves) into Taurus then (turns) retrograde on August 11th. Uranus shifts, invents, innovates, rearranges and breaks open the foundation of our very lives bringing in exciting new beginnings. As we enter the 200th galactic year moving into 2020, we will feel the inevitable breakdown of unsustainable systems, ideologies, and beliefs.

On August 18th Mars, The Sun, The Moon, Mercury and Venus will align into the zodiac of Virgo representing The Great Awakening of Humanity and the arrival of sovereignty. In August the collective will be reborn into 5th-dimensional consciousness and it is here we will begin to root into new consciousness through the supreme ethos of maternal contact.

Earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo's calling card this summer will be the Transformation card. Earth signs will be impacted by profound life changes this summer. Uranus enters into Taurus for the next 84 years, this is the first and LAST time we will witness the transit of Uranus within our lifetime. Uranus is known for behavioral patterns that provoke unexpected shifts in finances, career, foundation, and perspective while in the sign of Taurus.

Earth signs are encouraged to seek advice and assistance from therapists, financial advisors, mentors, and friends at this time. Consider consolidating finances, tasks, career, and transportation methods, and put time aside to create an innovative financial plan and find new ways to store money and information. Stay grounded through meditation and daily mantras. To assist with mental relief invest in a deep purple Indica to bring rest, relaxation and to help improve sleep quality after the savage retrograde energies of Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter.


Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will find themselves amped up for summer and ready for some fiery excitement. Plan new innovative goals and take a leap of faith in a new daring direction. Sex drive is strong now and passions are high during this transit, perhaps surprise your partner with a new sex position or treat yourself to some explicit new lingerie and hang the do not disturb sign on the door. Bring balance to increased energies with some solo time with a good book, a cup of yummy CBD tea or enjoy a much-deserved yoga smoke sesh with a small group of trusted friends.

Fire signs are encouraged to cultivate the energy of The Starseed card this summer, which will encourage fire signs to explore new outlets of expression and release the passion of the deep-rooted flame through alternative outlets. Allow your fire energy to flow and create the supreme elemental state of "The Holy Fire". Socializing, physical fitness, art, music, dance, exploring new forms of sex and intimacy, adventure and introducing fun innovative lifestyle changes is the alchemy of The Starseed card. To reach apex energies include a top-notch MJ hybrid and apply the element of fire and burn the midnight oil.

This summer water signs Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio will begin to manifest the throne for The Empress to reclaim her empire. Water signs need to remember to be more fluid and conscious of the changing tides. In late July to August the collective will feel the softening of harsh energies after the jarring transits of Jupiter and Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. Here we will begin to feel the embrace of the maternal Empress rise to her throne in a monumental way. Water signs will become more introspective and prepared as we call on The Sun card. The Sun Card represents profound new beginnings, rebirth and allows for joy, harmony, unity, positive new outlooks and optimistic views of the future.

Illustrations by Charmaine Esmerelda

Illustrations by Charmaine Esmerelda

Water signs are encouraged to be more present and to live in the moment. This summer get out in the sun with loved ones and enjoy a liberating summer swim in a natural body of water and celebrate life! Create a gratitude journal, wake up early to watch the sunrise and jot down what you're thankful for and explore your dreams and goals for 2020. Go on a summer picnic with friends and pack a bag of fruity CBD gummies for the road and watch the karmic cycle turn in your favor.


Air signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini are called to the final forefront, assisting The Empress to her rightful heir. Air signs will hold grave responsibility anchoring the new earth within The Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius rose in the year 2009—now we are entering into the 10th year, the final closure of the numerical tarot. On August 18th Mars, The Sun, The Moon, Mercury ruled by Gemini and Venus ruled by Libra will align into the zodiac of Virgo. The air will soften and the energies will lighten as the element of wind carries the weight of the fallen empire into dust. The Empress card represents your deepest heart's desire, your truth in the pit of your root and your maternal calling to all those who suffer. Justice, empathy, and forgiveness will be restored to all of humanity in August on a cellular and astronomical scale. The Empress trusts in her key intuitive knowledge and never wavers, she understands and respects social cues and strives to make an impact in healing cycles of past requiems.

Air signs are encouraged to stand up for what you believe in and speak your truth! Public speaking, political opinion, community service, and programs to continue education will be in the cards for you. Take the lead and mark new family milestones and bring in new family traditions, whether it's planning an annual family camping trip or investing in a timeshare. Honor family members who have passed in a group setting and offer and accept forgiveness to family members who may have burned bridges in the past. Marriage and love relationships will be highlighted at this time and you will find your partner more attracted to you with Venus, the planet of fertility, present.

Schedule a detox and implement a new daily routine to bring in clarity, balance, and self-love. Rose quartz and rhodonite stones will help assist with letting go of past pains and will allow your heart chakra to open to bring in love and acceptance. Meditate while enjoying a strain of Lambs Breath flower. As the old tradition seemingly falls away, we are called to open up our heart space and allow profound new insights of love and life to move us, as we align into the immortal presence of The Empress and The Emblem of Venus.