The Designer Dose—The Tablingual™ by Level

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. We at MJ Lifestyle are completely obsessed with our partner Level, the creator of the Tablingual™, cannabinoid specific micro-dosed sublingual tablets designed specifically for customized control. With the legalization of Cannabis among us, scientists are digging deeper into discovering more about individual cannabinoids. In addition to our more commonly known THC & CBD, Level has scientifically perfected cannabinoid formulas including CBG, CBN, THCA, THCV, delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC. These sublingual tablets are micro-dosed, can be split in half and combined with other tablets for a custom remedy. Here are a few of our most common uses and favorite blends!




This happens to so many of us. The “what if ’s, how will I’s, where did I’s, when will I’s, and the why can I’s” are a troublesome mix for anyone. Anxiety, anxiety attacks, and panic attacks are episodic events induced by fear or anticipation of a real, anticipated, or imagined event that is considered threatening. The initiation of these events leads to a stress response by the body in an attempt to help prepare us for a “flight or fight” response. The heightened sense of alertness for most who experience anxiety only exacerbates the anxiety or panic, which may lead to sustained propagation of the event. At the heart of the physiological symptoms associated with anxiety and panic is a fundamental state of hyper-excitability. This hyper-excitability even occurs at the cellular level. Cannabis has been shown to help mitigate the hyper-excitability of cells which in turn may be part of the reason that cannabis can be effective at attenuating anxiety and panic. By treating the root cause of the event, certain cannabinoids are having success. Delta-9 THC (especially) as a Sativa may induce more anxiety or panic, individuals may want to explore some of the cannabinoids that exhibit much less to no psycho-activity. The route of administration is also important to consider when considering cannabis for anxiety or panic. Remembering to breathe and to take time to view the greater picture is always helpful. Another excellent tip is to reframe your perspective. Anxiety is processed similar to excitement, so when you’re fearful of the “what if ’s” change your view. For example, “I’m so anxious about this job interview!” to “I am excited about this job interview”. Manifest the opposite of what you’re fearful of and shine on baby, shine!





HOW & WHY: Ladies, we all experience it. Every 28 days or so we quite physically release what no longer serves our highest good. For some, it’s a few days of extra bathroom breaks and mood swings but for a good percentage of us, we internally feel scenes from any famous murder movie taking place. Cramps are a physical response to the uterine muscle contractions (in order to shed the uterus lining). These contractions are initiated by a group of compound lipids called the prostaglandins—which are also responsible for some pain and inflammatory responses. Cannabis has been shown to inhibit the prostaglandin response, which ultimately may reduce pain and inflammation. Replacing the painkillers with CBD or a hybrid indica strain has been found extremely helpful to soothe the pain without the groggy effects of those toxic little pills.




HOW & WHY: You’ve run around all day, commuted, slayed your work shift, picked up your kids from school, whipped up a nice dinner, even had a little me time taking a nice bath before hitting the sheets. The clock strikes 11 pm and you find yourself wide awake for no reason whatsoever. Various reasons may contribute to persistent sleep issues. Stress, pain, and anxiety represent a few of these reasons. Application of selected cannabinoids may help individuals experience more restful sleep. For individuals that may fall asleep easy, but wake later in the night, using the Calm Tablingual™ when falling asleep may help you stay asleep. If the dosage on Calm is too low, 1/2 of a CBG Protab™ (for those who need a higher dose) is a good thing to try next. For those that don’t fall asleep very easily, a combination of a Soothe and Remedy Tablingual™ (1:1 ratio) may facilitate relaxation and falling asleep. If the Tablingual™ dose is insufficient, this same combination may be used but with the Protab™ (we recommend starting with 1/4 or 1/2 tablet). Depending on your sleeplessness situation, these options should be helpful in getting a solid 8 hours of shut-eye!

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HOW & WHY: In this day in age, we’re all artists. Deciding which clothes to wear, what to make for dinner, setting up a playlist for your morning commute; but sometimes, we hit a wall of “who am I and where is my creativity?!” Sativa’s are categorically associated with creativity and stimulation. The terpenoid mixture present in the Sativa is what is responsible for this observed effect. For acute enhancement, a vape product may be best. THCV is also known for its stimulating effect, similar to a Sativa. Try the Stimulate Tablingual™ for a different kind of stimulating experience.


More to love about the Level Tablingual™:

>> It’s a little discreet fast-acting tablet that goes under the tongue and dissolves in seconds.

>> Tablets are flavored with natural mint and have no cannabis or ‘weed’ flavor.

>> Not into smoking or inhaling? The Tablingual™ is a safer way to consume cannabis.

>> For the seasoned cannabis consumer that has a higher tolerance, try the Protab™ by Level! Each tablet is 25mg and is intended to be swallowed.

For myself, I’m definitely a seasoned pro. Sadly, I’m not a cheap date when it comes to cannabis. I enjoy cannabis anyway that I can get it, but with edibles and capsules, I tend to get really sleepy and that doesn’t work for me. The Sativa Protab™ is my absolute favorite tab, I don’t find myself jittery like I do when vaping sativas, and it is a really smooth experience. And if I’m feeling a little extra, I go for a tablet and a half!

If you are new to cannabis, please start with a low dose of 1 mg - 2.5 mg THC and wait up to two hours to take effect. Know that all of our bodies react to cannabis individually and it is not based on size, consume what feels good for you.

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