The Cannabis Gift Guide For Him Just In Time For Father's Day

They do exist, they come in all shapes and sizes, and are hard to find, but they do exist. Building our sisterhood will only ensure we are raising more of them for our future, but today, they do still exist, and we need to celebrate the f*ck out of them this weekend and well, every other day of the year too :)


who help give daughters a voice

who shows her everything she deserves

who honors your mother

who protects you

who defends our planet

who respects all women

who raises sons to be sensitive too

who works everyday to make today possible for his family

We see you, we love you and we are grateful to walk beside you in this lifetime.

Here’s MJ’s 2019 Cannabis Gift Guide with something new for every kind of GOOD MAN:

  1. Dogwalkers 0.5g Hybrid Mini Rolls by Caliva ($14.99) Dogwalkers are a fast-acting, compact, full flower, pre-rolled set of joints that will quickly allow you to get your giggle on and settle into a blissful state of being. They were created with the commercial break in mind because it takes just as much time to take Trixie out for these puppies to start working!

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  2. Smokey Margarita CBD Cocktail by Proposition ($45 Monthly Subscription) Yes!! Finally, something carefully crafted that doesn't leave him with a hangover in the morning! Instead, this non-alcoholic all-natural adaptogenic cocktail combines 15mg Hemp Extract with lime, mint, smoked chipotle chilis, and sea salt combine for a unique non-intoxicating experience. But then again, it can be used as a mixer too!

    Case contains six (200ml) glass flask bottles.

  3. Hemp Infused Chili Oil by Potli ($19—set of 3 minis) What man doesn't like it HOT?! Created from an old family recipe passed down through generations and continents apart, Potli has the perfect micro-dosed condiment to chill him the F out! It's the perfect flavorful ingredient to add to salads, hummus, noodle soups, pizza, anything! Contains 10mg hemp derived CBD for a non-psychoactive experience.

  4. Full-Spectrum CBD Pain Salve by Mender ($28) For the man who's got those big sore muscles (or the one who hasn't gotten the memo on the standing desk revolution) we can't say enough good things about Mender's high potency hemp-extracted CBD Pain Salve. From repetitive motion pain to sports injuries, Mender's Pain Salve starts working in just 15 minutes. Beginning with a growing warmth, followed by a cooling circulation sensation, the unique formula is a potent all-natural blend that will become his go-to.

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  5. MV1 Stealth Edition Power Bundle by Ghost ($365) The perfect gift both for the OG that has everything and the Newbie that's all about the plant. The MV1 is the latest in vapor technology with Ghost's revolutionary on-demand convection vaporizer. This thing is dope! He has never tasted those terps like this before, and he can customize his temperature (and even lock) with the ease of the Ghost app. If you're feeling extra grateful, go for the Power Bundle, and he will never be out of power again!

  6. LEVEL Stimulate Tablingual ($44) For the guy who's not into inhaling or feeling headie, the THCV enriched Stimulate Tablingual, powered by Doug's Varin™ is perfect. An energizing high formulated to focus the mind. The LEVEL Tablingual is a minty 3 mg micro-dose sublingual tablet that is dissolved under the tongue. 3 mg per Tablingual, 15 Tablingual tablets, 45 mg per box.

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  7. Flow Kana Gold Flower ($40 / eighth) Northern California's Sustainable Sungrown Cannabis from independent multi-generational farmers using only organic methods. Flow Kana is revered as the best of the best cultivating unparalleled product only found in California.

  8. OLO Quartet ($40)  For the dad that doesn’t fit the mold. This Father’s Day reward him with a special list of to-dos and a pack of OLO QUARTET (the assortment pack with all four of OLO’s crafted experiences). Enjoy golfing? Give Dad an OLO ACTIVE before he faces the rough with his dynamic new skills. Seasoned fly-fisherman? He can choose to try OLO FOCUS before he goes wading in the river, searching for the one that got away. New Dad in dire need of rest? Suggest he start with OLO CHILL, stay home, and binge on his favorite show. If you prefer to celebrate together, OLO Social will enliven a night on the town and probably spice things up in the bedroom.
    OLO is the only vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and calorie free cannabis infused strip! Each strip is precisely dosed at 5 AND 10 mg—perfect for controlled micro-dosing or a more casual experience. Faster than any edible and more convenient than smoking or vaping, OLO strips take effect in 10 to 15 minutes or less.

  9. Pot d’Huile Cannabis Infused Olive Oil ($30) For the culinary artist or the casual guy that likes to cook, a drizzle of Pot d'Huile's precisely dosed olive oil transforms every dish into an experience without the weed-taste. Pot d'Huile's process eliminates the often off-putting flavor of cannabis, allowing for its use in recipes as with any high-quality olive oil while delivering a uniform dosage of one milligram (mg) of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) per one milliliter (ml) of olive oil.

  10. Double Chocolate Cookie by 3Leaf (<$10) A sweet for your sweetie, 3Leaf's Double Chocolate Cookie is a pure indulgence that offers a perfectly balanced experience. Formulated with extensively natural ingredients, this treat has no cannabis taste or smell for a food-first experience. Each edible is evenly infused with both 5mg THC and 5mg CBD distillate for perfect harmony. Enjoy the relaxing therapeutic effects that this trusted combination has to offer.