My Pregnancy Journey + What I Wish I Knew About CBD

I'm not sure who broke the news to Jane, my little girl, that babies can pass away in their mommy's tummy, but someone did. Regardless, I took it as my opportunity to share with my daughter just how much we wanted her.

My best friend was pregnant, and quickly I got pregnant too. "OMG! Are our dreams of being mamas together going to actually come true??!!"

No. It was not, or at least it wasn't how we thought it would be. Turns out the OB couldn't find a heartbeat at eight weeks, and I was sent home with what felt like a hole in my chest. “This happens all the time, so good news is, you got pregnant in the first place,” she said. “You must try again.” This time, my OB calculated my numbers before seeing me. They went up and kept rising, and things looked good for ten weeks until they didn't. And this time the situation called for surgery—a D&C. Going under, I knew this was an experience I hope never to face again. Thankfully, I was in safe hands, and after a full recovery, we tried again.

Third time’s the charm! Nope. Another miscarriage and that was it! I sought help, my story of how I fell into the loving arms of Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh is here. Long story short—with some testing, she found that I have PCOS. Due to this condition, I have always experienced extremely irregular cycles, pain during sex, and difficulty with pregnancy. Dr. Aimee put me on the necessary supplements, suggested IUI, knocked me up with twins and nine months later, I was holding my 8lb 10oz baby girl in my arms.

"So I was the right one?" Jane asks.

"Yes, baby girl, you are the right one."

My girl questioned what the other four were (boys or girls?) trying to imagine them as her own babies. When I was pregnant with her, I tell her, her twin was lost along the way. Jane chooses to believe she has two angel baby sisters and two angel baby brothers.

It was over a decade ago when we started trying—so much has evolved in cannabis since then. At the time, getting through the loss and uncertainty was difficult, and I relied heavily on my plant medicine. But what I also did was internally punish myself for not quitting my “illegal habit” to prepare my body better. The stress I was putting on my body from worrying on top of worrying was far worse than consuming cannabis to calm my mind.

Marijuana was helping my anxiety and depression.

And what about all the "practicing" that you get to do with your partner? Ah yes, in the beginning it's fun of course, you and your lover making sweet passionate love to create life! But not so much after a loss. The joy can quickly fade when you are emotionally drained and scheduling out your bang sessions. That's not to say married life doesn't end up there anyway at times! Our lady friends at Quim have the most incredible intimate oil (available in THC & CBD) to make the practicing much more enjoyable. I also love that Quim’s products put the power in our own hands; their oils are meant to be applied ourselves. Gone are the awkward moments of him reaching into the nightstand to squeeze out some lube!

I would have benefited significantly from a daily dose of CBD, mostly to calm my nerves and emotional state. I feel more balanced and on top of things when I am keeping up with a good regimen of clean foods and CBD. I chose not to consume THC (or CBD because it wasn't readily available) while I was pregnant and breastfeeding, but I also didn't have nearly the knowledge or access to products that we do today in California.

Here’s A few of my favorite brands that I wish I had my hands on during my pregnancy journey:


The Quickie—Facial Tonic Spray $25

By TAYLOR + tess

The TAYLOR + tess facial toning spray is a refreshing treat for any mama’s face, especially during summertime! As your hormones fluctuate (especially along your jawline), you may experience more breakouts and inflamed skin than usual. CBD is nature’s strongest anti-inflammatory, making it the ideal treatment for moderate skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne-proned skin. Expectant mothers cannot use the steroid creams that are typically prescribed by dermatologists, so it is imperative to find a natural alternative that provides relief. A pregnant woman’s skin may also secrete more oil at this time, so toning a few times throughout the day will help cleanse skin without over-drying!


CBD Skin Rub $15-40

By Kiskanu

As a creative entrepreneur (and at the time a very busy photographer), I use my computer and pen tablet on the daily. About two-thirds my way into each pregnancy, my wrists inflamed and painful, I could hardly push a button on a remote. Carpal Tunnel is common throughout pregnancy, and mine lasted three months after my children were born. I had to wear these ugly black velcro wrist braces just to hold up a camera. I physically could not work with my mouse and computer. Fast forward 7 years and I’m introduced to Kiskanu’s CBD Rub.

Once day, I was putting on makeup and randomly while twisting my mascara wand my entire hand locked up in excruciating pain. I was like, “Holy shit! I cant afford for this to happen again!” And I’m not pregnant, so now wtf? I’m just old?! I took Kiskanu’s CBD Rub and massaged it into both my hands and wrists. Not only did I feel instant relief, the pain only lasted a day and a half! I’m a believer!


Sol Daytime Remineralizating Lotion

By ärdər botanicals

Sol Daytime Remineralizating Lotion is great for pregnant moms to rub on feet and legs. Loaded with transdermal magnesium, this lotion is great for keeping the body functioning like it should (sleep, mood, helps with muscle cramping, etc.). Some pregnant women report it helps with their morning sickness, since fluctuating hormones can disrupt magnesium levels. Invigorate your senses and benefit from CBD, CBG, Magnesium, and Elemental MSM for improved vitality.


Stretch Mark Salve

By Made From Dirt

A natural solution to natural problems, Made From Dirt’s Stretchmark Salve combines cannabis with other skin healing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, eucalyptus, and tamanu oil. Application over an extended period of time can help remove the appearance of scars and promote overall dermatological wellness.


Happy Clam Everyday Oil $48

By Quim

It goes without saying, we will need some help down there for quite a while after having a child. And in actuality we need to be taking care of our lady bits on the daily—far too many of our vag’s are suffering! The women of Quim have done their research and is leading the charge in vaginal wellness. Quim’s Happy Clam Everyday Oil is a hemp CBD-infused oil designed to keep your quim happy, healthy and moisturized. Think of it as eye cream for your vagina.

Apply after bathing, before bed, after sex, when PMSing or menstruating, postpartum, or anytime your quim is in need of some tender loving care. Because happy quims make the world a better place!


Healing Salve $22

By Mender

Is that a Hemi? Ahhhhhh! During my second pregnancy with my son, I was low on iron and had to take iron supplements. My OB did not warn me or even come close to educating me on what might happen—severe constipation. I have never felt such pain in my life, so much that I swear my son still frowns all the time because that is all he saw for the first four months of his life. Let’s not even talk about the embarrassment of having my husband go to CVS to pick up an inflatable donut, Preparation-H, witch hazel pads, finger condoms and dried prunes! Nobody can prepare you for them, but hemorrhoids are very common in pregnancy. Mender’s Healing Salve made of antibacterial and analgesic botanicals paired with full-spectrum hemp would have taken the place of all other hemi products. I believe I would have been in significantly less pain and have healed way faster knowing how much cbd helps with inflammation!


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