Community, Cannabis and Cuisine with Food Flower Future

Photo by Nicole Goddard

Photo by Nicole Goddard

By Lisa Curiel Parker

Khara Pechtes—Owner, Host, & Event Producer of LA based Food Flower Future produces an elevated event series combining the passion of community, cannabis and cuisine. Khara prides herself on providing a safe space where consumption, education and people can come together. “I want to share all of the wonderful products out there with our community, the dinners are also a platform for our sponsors to educate and connect with our guests and for these brands to shine” says Khara. “We feel there are deeper conversations, more meaningful connections and mutual respect from all of our guests that partake.” Often by the end of Food Flower Future events, individuals that came for an experiential meal leave with new friends and better yet, become a larger part of the community.

Food Flower Future produces cannabis-infused dinners and other cannabis-related events that offer more than the meal itself. They create a more intimate way to connect with the cannabis community with a deeper meaning and purpose. Collaborations for each event are different and unique, Food Flower Future has partnered with several cannabis companies while cultivating community through food, flower, and higher conversations about the future. Khara’s dinners are inspired by her global travels and local ingredients prepared most recently by Chef Emily Anderson of Plant Base Collective, focusing on sustainability, organic produce, and using seasonal fruits & vegetables. In past events she has partnered with Imperfect Produce, Mondo Meds, Chillbachi, Proof Extracts, Mendocino Generations, See Fenix, Hum Farms, Brite Labs, The Flower Daddy and Madera. Each course is paired with a corresponding cannabis strain to highlight the specific combination of food flavors & aromas alongside cannabis terpenes.’s extremely important to know how to heal ourselves at a time when we are often overwhelmed by constant stimulation and never-ending work
— Khara Pechtes

Continuing these infused events with education is key, “'s extremely important to know how to heal ourselves at a time when we are often overwhelmed by constant stimulation and never-ending work”, says Khara. Food Flower Future events are a delightful reminder to take five minutes to sit back, take a breath with a toke, and create a space where cannabis is an aid. Khara’s dinners and events are a great reason to come together while learning about the many health benefits of cannabis in a setting that encourages an open mind and sophisticated palate as there are many events that lack education and awareness. Among the sea of brands constantly popping up, many don’t have a true understanding of the plant, the experience of being on a cannabis farm, or knowing the hardships of cultivation practices, licensing, and regulations. Many focus on the cash-making side of the business, where stories of the farmers and activists who shaped this industry fall to the wayside. Khara’s Food Flower Future events are all about this community, while sharing a fun and intimate night with others who are cannacurious and in the cannabis industry.

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