MJ Lifestyle is always interested in expanding our network of inspiring women.  Articles may be prepared in a text or word document and submitted via email at media@mjlifestyle.com

Feature Stories please submit up to 1500 words, Think Piece or Personal Stories 700-1000 words, and Online Blog Articles 500-700 words. 

Be sure to provide all contributor's information, references, complimentary photographs or artwork and a brief bio of the Author.   Please prepare a folder using Google Drive or Dropbox titled with YOUR NAME to send documents with artwork.


Upcoming Print Magazine Submission Due Dates:

Issue III / Policy & Social Justice >> May 1st, 2019

Issue IV / Motherhood >> August 5th, 2019

creative Essay

Have a Creative Project you want to share with the MJ Community?  Submit your artwork for the opportunity to be published in MJ Lifestyle Magazine!  The publication will be expertly printed on fine papers in 9x12 Format.  When sizing artwork, please size files to 10" on the shortest side at 240dpi.  Accepted file types - .jpg, .tiff and raw.  Please submit only professional imagery—no iPhone photos please.

Be sure to provide all contributors' information, writer, models, stylists, wardrobe, cannabis brands featured and a brief bio of the Artist.   If possible, prepare a folder using Google Drive or Dropbox and email to media@mjlifestyle.com.

real experiences

MJ Lifestyle is the embodiment of every woman's strength & courage to stand up against the odds fighting for what is right.  As daily Cannabis Consumers, we understand first hand the shame and stigma surrounding Women and Cannabis. Women are greatly misrepresented by images portrayed in the media, which is why we have resolved to create a platform & give proper recognition to Personal Stories, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Scientists,  Artists, and Social Activists.

We will connect with you directly if selected for publishing. Thank you for your support in our mission!