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HB Field Trip: Community Harvest with TONIC

We’re proud to partner with our canna sisters Solonje + Danniel, of Humble Bloom, on the launch of their #HBFieldTrip series through a community harvest with TONIC 🌱



The weekend of October 12-14, we are bringing a thoughtfully curated group of 50 guests to Tonic's CBD farm in Berkshire, NY — and we'd LOVE for you to join us!

Together we will walk into the fields of hemp, harvesting her flower, breathing in her highly oxygenated air and connecting more deeply with the plant, ourselves, the neighboring community, the earth and your life work in the world beyond us. We aim to build bridges between disparate communities, bringing the inner city into upstate farms. Engaging in conversations that both empower and nurture human growth. We will collaborate, eat family style, discuss, learn, knowledge share and yes, we will work. We are inviting 50 individuals to participate in this unique experience who are cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, educators, industry leaders, and locals who have had their curiosity sparked by the green rush that is knocking on their door.


Transportation from the city, family style meals, plant workshops, conversations, connections, and unforeseen opportunities for collaboration. This harvest only happens once, and we want you in our community.

Get $75 off when you enter HBPARTNER at check out!